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Brighton set to Ban Smoking on Beaches

July 20, 2015
Public Health

Brighton Council could become the first local authority in the UK to ban smoking on public beaches. The authority, which already operates a voluntary ban in 43 children’s play areas throughout the town, is to launch a consultation on extending the restrictions to include parks and beaches.

Brighton and Hove director of public health Tom Scanlon, believes the ban would make a positive contribution to health saying “Tobacco smoke typically contains more than 170 toxins including carcinogens and air pollutants. Outdoor tobacco smoke dissipates more quickly than indoor smoke but in certain concentrations and weather conditions it still poses an additional health risk to non-smokers. Several states in the US have adopted legislation to limit outdoor smoking in certain settings such as cafés, parks and places where there are children playing.  The time is right to have the debate in Brighton & Hove as to whether we wish the same here.”

Smoking related conditions are the biggest cause of premature death in the Brighton area. The councils Health and Wellbeing Board will consider the proposal before launching a 12 week consultation period. If adopted, smoking in restricted areas will be enforced using fixed penalty notices. The news comes as a report by the Independent Cancer Taskforce has recommended that the cost of a packet of cigarettes should be increased by 50% over the next five years. The taskforce was established this year to boost cancer survival rates.