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Leading Scientists call for Climate Change Action

July 21, 2015
Environmental Protection

climate change cartoonA joint statement from 24 of the UK’s foremost professional and academic institutions has called on governments to take immediate action to address climate change. The document also points out that tackling the problem now would increase economic progress and would potentially save millions of lives due to improvements in air quality and access to water and food.

Lord Nicholas Stern, president of the British Academy, says the government has a special responsibility to lead action against climate change. “The UK led the world with both the modern scientific revolution and the industrial revolution, and must lead again now on the creation of a safer, cleaner and more prosperous world,” he said. “Now is the time for the prime minister and the rest of his government to show leadership on this issue, by implementing effective domestic policies to tackle climate change and to support efforts overseas, including a strong international agreement in Paris at the end of this year.”

Governments will meet in November and December in the French capital to try to negotiate a legally binding agreement on climate change aimed at keeping global warming below 2oc. In order to achieve progress the 24 signatories believe that ministers will have to work towards a net zero carbon world by the end of the century.

You can view the full UK Science Communique on Climate Change HERE