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Earths Yearly Resources Exhausted by August

August 19, 2015
Environmental Protection

With four months left in 2015, humans have already used up all the earths sustainable resources for the year according to the Global Footprint Network (GFN). So called “Earth Overshoot Day” is calculated by making a comparison between a total of what is consumed in terms of trees cut down, agricultural stocks, fish stocks, cotton for clothing, carbon emissions and what the earths ecosystems can renew in a year.

This year the mark was set on August 13th, four days earlier than 2014 and three months earlier than the year 2000. Researchers have estimated that it takes the equivalent of 1.6 earths to support the current global population of seven billion, a figure which is set to grow to nine billion by 2050.

GFN president Mathis Wackernagel said; “Humanity’s carbon footprint alone more than doubled since the early 1970s, when the world went into ecological overshoot. It remains the fastest growing component of the widening gap between the Ecological Footprint and the planet’s biocapacity. The global agreement to phase out fossil fuels that is being discussed around the world ahead of the Climate Summit in Paris would significantly help curb the Ecological Footprint’s consistent growth and eventually shrink the Footprint.”

GFN predict that if the use of global resources is not reduced, the equivalent of two planets will be needed to support the rising population by 2030 with “Earth Overshoot Day” falling some time towards the end of June.

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