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2015 Set to be the Warmest Year on Record

August 24, 2015
Environmental Protection

After scientists declared that temperatures in July had made it the earth’s hottest month ever, it’s now predicted that 2015 will be the warmest year since records began. Average global temperatures across land and ocean surfaces last month reached 16.61oc, some 0.81oc higher than the previous reading for July.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), who published the figures in its latest monthly report, have been keeping records since 1880 with nine of the ten hottest months having occurred since 2005. Whilst land surface temperatures during July were the sixth highest on record, extreme sea surface temperatures combined to produce the warmest month ever recorded.

NOAA scientist Jessica Blunden, believes the trend for increasing global temperatures is certain to continue. “It is global warming, and the El Nino that is enhancing global temperatures. The likelihood that 2015 will fall lower than 2014 gets smaller and smaller every month you go forward,” She said. “The bottom line though, is it’s not just about the temperatures, it’s about the changes we are seeing happening. Sea-level rise is caused by climate change and it’s real. Glaciers are melting faster than they ever have since we have been keeping records. Eventually, it’s going to affect everybody in one way or another.”

So far this year, heat waves have been seen in the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden and France, while Arctic sea ice during July was at its eighth smallest extent since 1979.

You can see the full NOAA Report for July HERE.