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Have Your Say on the Public Health Outcomes Framework

September 8, 2015
Public Health

life tilesThe Department of Health and Public Health England are asking for views on the existing indicators contained in the Public Health Outcomes Framework.

Originally published in 2012, the framework concentrates on the high-level outcomes of increased healthy life expectancy and reduced differences in life expectancy and healthy life expectancy between communities.

There are 68 indicators and 140 sub-indicators grouped into four ‘domains’ covering the wider determinants of health, health improvement, health protection and healthcare, public health and preventing premature mortality. The outcomes reflect a focus not only on how long people live, but on how well they live at all stages.

Data from the current framework is published as part of a quarterly update cycle in August, November, February and May. When the document was launched there was a commitment not to make any changes for a period of three years to allow it to become established during the transfer of public health services from the NHS to local government.

The current consultation, which runs until 2nd October, is aimed at updating indicators from April 2016. PHE are particularly interested in suggestions on replacing ineffective indicators, replacing or improving others where more data is now available and adding new indicators where there are gaps in knowledge. The framework currently contains a number of indicators relevant to Environmental Health Practitioners including the percentage of the population affected by noise, fuel poverty and mortality from particulate air pollution.

You can take part in the consultation HERE