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Wellcome Trust Launches New Environment and Health Research Fund

September 22, 2015
Public Health

duck-weedThe Wellcome Trust has launched a new international initiative to build understanding of the links between the environment and long-term health. Our Planet Our Health aims to develop a stronger evidence base to allow individuals and governments to make informed decisions about health and the environment.

The Trust is investing £75 million over five years in a bid to produce high quality, significantly resourced new research programmes, as Director of Strategy Claire Matterson explained. “Wellcome is launching this programme to improve the understanding of the links between planet and population health, and how to build the resilience of both,” she said. “We know our relationship with the planet is jeopardising both delicate ecosystems and our long-term health, but we’re also aware of significant knowledge gaps that need to be filled so the world can decide how best to act.”

Ten pilot projects funded in the scoping phase have already been announced, involving collaborative research from a range of disciplines. These include the long-term effects of environmental disasters on human health, and the possible use of duckweed as a source of protein.

Applications for funding can come from anywhere in the world with applicants encouraged to propose collaborations between researchers from a diversity of subject areas, with the key themes being the global food system and urbanisation. Successful groups will be awarded £2 million per year for up to five years.

You can find out more about Our Planet Our Health HERE