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Nine out of Ten Diesels Fail Emissions Tests in New Study

September 23, 2015
Environmental Protection

vwFollowing on from the news that Volkswagen have admitted to using software to fool emissions tests on diesel models in the US, a new report from Transport and Environment claims that nine out of ten diesel vehicles breach EU limits for nitrogen dioxide.

The transport group says that out of 23 vehicles it tested on the road, only three met EU limits, while one vehicle produced emissions 22 times higher than the EU standard of 80mg/km.

Volkswagen has been forced to recall 482,000 cars in the US and faces potential fines of £11.73 billion. The manufacturer fitted so-called ‘defeat devices’ to its vehicles, which combined with new software, only turned on pollution controls when the cars were undergoing official testing. Analysis carried out by the Guardian suggests that using average US mileage figures, these 11 million vehicles may have been responsible for one million tonnes of nitrogen dioxide annually, more than the UK’s combined emissions.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has asked the European Commission to investigate the scandal, as the EU accounted for three quarters of total diesel sales in 2014. Dr. Gary Fuller from King’s College London believes the deception may have been going on for some time. “Since 2003, scientists have been saying things are not right. It’s not just the VW story, this is part of something much bigger,” he said. “It has a serious public health impact.”

You can read the Transport and Environment Report HERE