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E-cigarettes and Pink Burgers on the Agenda at CIEH Conference

October 21, 2015
Public Health

The 115th annual conference of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health got underway in Nottingham yesterday (Tuesday), attracting delegates from across the UK, and among the topics discussed were e-cigarettes and pink burgers.

Sir Kevin Barron, Labour MP for Rother Valley, who was a major supporter of the smoking ban in public places, delivered the morning keynote address and used the occasion to criticise restrictions on the use of e-cigarettes. He told the audience, “I think they should play a larger part in smoking cessation. We need to get more common sense on where and when they can be used and we need a big joined-up approach. People smoke for nicotine but die from tar. E-cigarettes are not risk free, but they are 95% safer than cigarettes.”

Serving pink burgers has been the subject of much debate recently, and leading food expert Dr Lisa Ackerley told delegates that due to difficulties in interpretation of the recent Food Standards Agency guidance, the practice was not worth the risk for business owners. “I’ve heard of places that have cooked burgers to 75 degrees and still achieved a pink burger,” she said. “For me, serving rare burgers is not worth the risk; it could cost an awful lot of money. If you poison someone it will be because you served dangerous food.”

The conference continues today with smoking, air quality, private sector housing, emergency planning and private water supplies amongst the subjects being discussed. You can follow the conference on Twitter using #CIEHconference