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Food Law Live Map and Database Published

November 4, 2015

FSAmapThe Food Standards Agency has published a live map that links directly to their database of successful food hygiene, food standards and food safety related prosecutions.

The map contains links to all successful prosecutions carried out in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, providing a single resource to highlight enforcement action. As well as details of each case, members of the public will also be able to review the level of fines handed out by courts.

Rod Ainsworth, Director of Regulatory and Legal Strategy at the FSA, said: “We want businesses to understand how important it is not to flout the rules, which are there to protect public health. If they do, then both we and local authorities will take action against them. Publication of this information also lets local authorities share intelligence to get a better understanding of where and how food hygiene and safety breaches occur. This information will also be useful to consumers and businesses when choosing suppliers.”

There have been 419 prosecutions since 1st April this year, just over a quarter of which related to poor cleaning practices. Other food law offences included a lack of adequate training of food handlers, unfit food being found on premises and various pest control issues. The database will be updated 28 days after the date of any convictions, but will not include cases subject to appeal until hearings are completed.

You can view the database and map HERE