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Developers Constructing Rabbit Hutch Homes According to RIBA

December 3, 2015

rabbit-hutchA survey of three bedroom homes on over 100 developments under construction across England has concluded that more than half are too small. The research was carried out by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), who singled out both house builders Barratt and Persimmon as the worst offenders.

“Tiny rabbit-hutch new-builds should be a thing of the past,” RIBA president Jane Duncan told The Guardian. “But, sadly, our research shows that, for many people, a new home means living somewhere that’s been built well below the minimum space standard needed for a comfortable home. The government must take action to ensure a fairer minimum space standard is applied to all new homes across the country.”

There are also considerable differences in house sizes across the country. The average three-bedroom home in London was found to be 25 square metres bigger than the equivalent dwelling in Yorkshire, while a number of new homes in the West Midlands were found to be seven square metres smaller than the government’s minimum recommendations.

RIBA have already criticised the minimum reasonable space standards launched by the government in October, calling them “overly complicated and onerous.” The standards are currently discretionary for local authorities.

You can view the full RIBA report HERE