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Strongest El Nino in 18 Years Threatens More Weather Chaos in 2016

December 30, 2015
Environmental Protection

Weather experts at the US space agency NASA, have warned that the current El Nino weather system is likely to be the strongest since 1998 causing severe weather disruption across the world in 2016. El Nino, named from the Spanish for ‘child of God’, is a natural phenomenon which takes places every seven to eight years, causing temperatures to rise disturbing weather patterns.

Dr Nick Klingaman from the University of Reading, believes the current event could be the strongest the earth has ever experienced. “By some measures this has already been the strongest El Nino on record, it depends on exactly how you measure it,” he said. “In a lot of tropical countries we are seeing big reductions in rainfall of the order of 20-30%. Indonesia has experienced a bad drought, the Indian monsoon was about 15% below normal and the forecasts for Brazil and Australia are for reduced monsoons.”

Storm Frank, which is due to bring fresh rain to the flood hit north and west of the UK, is part of a weather system that has seen temperatures at the North Pole as much as 27oc higher than normal. The worst floods in 50 years have been seen in parts of South America, while Mexico has been experiencing freezing temperatures in the north of the country with snow falling in the Sonoran desert for the first time in 33 years. Aid agencies predict as many as 31 million people could be facing food insecurity across Africa as storms wipe out crops, a significant increase in numbers over last year.