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New Sugar Smart App Launched

January 4, 2016

5094315388_4e4c355317_zPublic Health England (PHE) hopes its new ‘Sugar Smart’ app will give parents a quick guide to help them cut back on the amount of sugar their children consume. Launched as a part of PHE’s ‘Sugar Smart’ campaign which will also feature television adverts and digital advertising, the app can be used to scan the bar codes of over 75,000 products measuring total sugar content in either cubes or grams. Experts have warned that many children eat close to their body weight in sugar every year leading to problems from obesity, tooth decay and type two diabetes.  

PHE chief nutritionist Dr Alison Tedstone said; “Children aged five shouldn’t have more than 19 grams of sugar per day – that’s five cubes, but it’s very easy to have more. Our easy-to-use app will help parents see exactly where the sugar in their children’s diet is coming from, so they can make informed choices about what to cut down on.”

In July 2015 the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition recommended that dietary sugar should account for no more than 5% of daily calories consumed, half the previous recommended limit. Obesity is thought to cost the NHS in the region of £5.1 billion every year with the figure projected to almost double by 2050, while tooth decay is now the most common reason for hospital admissions amongst five to nine year olds.

You can download a copy of the Sugar Smart App here.