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Green Bus Fund Announced To Cut Emissions

January 6, 2016
Environmental Protection

busThe government has launched a £7 million scheme to cut bus emissions in 18 local authorities across the country. The Clean Bus Technology Fund will be used to retrofit 439 buses with new technology to reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions.  Fifty London buses will be refitted as part of the scheme along with 35 in both Bristol and Brighton.

Transport minister Andrew Jones said: “Greener buses mean cleaner town and city centres and a healthier environment for everyone. The upgraded buses that will soon hit the roads in England continue our commitment to better air quality by investing in greener transport. By targeting pollution hotspots and backing the low-emission technology of the future, we are making the right long-term decisions to improve people’s lives.”

The move is aimed at aiding the government’s air quality plan which was produced late last year and set out measures for the introduction of clean air zones in five English cities by 2020. London is set to bring in its own ultra low emission zone applying to all vehicles within five years.

Ministers were ordered to produce comprehensive plans to cut emissions by the Supreme Court in April 2015 following a legal challenge by pressure group Client Earth. The group made up of a collection of activist lawyers recently confirmed they are considering taking further legal action in an attempt to force the government to do more to strengthen their air pollution plans in future.