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New Survey Shows Level of No Fault Evictions

January 27, 2016

A new survey of private tenants by BMG Research has revealed that 27% of those questioned have been subject to a ‘no fault eviction.’ Landlords selling their properties and putting large rent rises into place, which effectively force tenants to leave, were the two most common reasons behind people losing their homes.

Betsy Dillner, a director at campaign group Generation Rent who commissioned the survey, told The Independent; “Every time a renter moves home they spin the roulette wheel. They might well get a good landlord who values long term tenants, but this poll suggests that one in four of us will end up with a bad one sooner or later. With increasing numbers of us facing a lifetime of renting, we need to be able to call the place we live a home, and we can’t until the government ends unfair evictions.”

Latest figures suggest 18% of households now live in the private sector, with many experts warning that figure is set to increase as plans for the expansion of right to buy threaten to reduce the availability of social housing. Five housing associations have already opened applications for tenants to purchase their homes under a pilot aimed at testing the scheme across England.

Earlier this month, Housing Minister Brandon Lewis announced a £5 million fund to tackle rogue landlords, a move which received a mixed reaction from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health who warned that the £104,167 awarded to 48 local authorities would be insufficient to cover costs.