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New Environment Bill Sets Tough Emission Target for Wales

February 4, 2016
Environmental Protection

The Welsh Assembly has set a target to reduce emissions by at least 80% by 2050 amongst a number of new provisions introduced by the Environment (Wales) Bill. The new legislation got unanimous approval from assembly members this week, although opposition politicians claimed it could have gone further.

Welsh Natural Resources Minister, Carl Sargeant called the new bill; “A critical piece of legislation, which will ensure that the sustainable management of our natural resources will be a core consideration in all future decision-making.” Adding “this bill has been made in Wales by the people of Wales, tackling climate change shouldn’t just be seen as an obligation, but more as an opportunity to build a stronger, greener economy here in Wales.”

The Bill, which has taken three years to produce, also includes plans to extend the 5p charge for supermarket plastic bags to non-hessian ‘bags for life’, a ban on food waste being put into sewers and the requirement on Natural Resources Wales (NRW) to work more closely with local councils on environmental issues.

NRW, whose responsibilities include landscapes and wildlife, will also be asked to consider sustainability in all future decisions. The legislation, which is likely to come into force next year, puts an obligation on schools and hospitals to separate waste for recycling while ministers will have further powers to regulate incineration plants, including those providing energy from waste.

You can download a copy of the Environment (Wales) Bill HERE.