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The Noise App Is One Year Old Today

February 17, 2016
RIAMS Development News

The Noise App celebrates its first birthday today. The innovative software which aims to simplify noise reporting and investigation was launched on 17th February 2015 and is now being used by nearly 1500 members of the public and 600 investigating officers.

Available across all platforms as a free download, in excess of 4000 noise nuisance cases have been submitted to local authorities and housing associations so far. The software continues to develop with a noise duration slider just one of the recent features added after consultation with subscribers.

Using the App, the Derby Homes Housing Association have managed to cut its waiting list for noise monitoring equipment from 13 weeks to 2 weeks in the first six months. Evidence collected by the App is now being used in legal proceedings, with the Alliance Homes Housing Association having successfully obtained a ‘without notice injunction’ recently.

The ability to replace paper records has also proved a great advantage as a spokesperson from the Isle of Anglesey County Council admitted, saying; “Unlike paper record sheets, with The Noise App we know the precise time the records are made, where they’re sent from and have a brief recording to demonstrate the character of the noise.”

Early next month, RH Environmental, who developed the App, in conjunction with a team of environmental health professionals will be holding the first Noise App User Group in Bristol.

If you would like more information on how your organisation can benefit from subscribing to The Noise App, please contact us at 01239 711793 or info@thenoiseapp.com. You can find out more at The Noise App website thenoiseapp.com and you can follow The Noise App on Twitter @TheNoiseApp