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Government Advisors Claim Internet of Energy Could Produce Big Savings

March 4, 2016
Environmental Protection

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) believes that the UK could save up to £8 billion every year by better use of electricity. The group, which acts in an advisory capacity to the government, believe that linking the National Grid to mainland Europe would be the first step towards an ‘Internet of Energy’ where web enabled home appliances are linked directly to the grid.

Lord Adonis, chairman of the commission told the BBC; “Our existing power stations are closing down and their replacements will be radically different as we de-carbonise supply to reduce emissions. This represents an enormous challenge, but it leaves the UK uniquely placed to benefit from exciting innovations set to transform the global electricity market. We do not call for new subsidies or significant public spending, but rather a level playing field through fairer regulation and a better managed network to allow these exciting new technologies to compete.” The commission also wants to see better storage of energy from renewable sources such as wind power and solar.

The news comes as the biggest floating solar farm in Europe is under construction in Surrey. The farm over the Queen Elizabeth II reservoir in Walton on Thames will have more than 23,000 solar photovoltaic panels and is expected to generate 5.8 million kilowatt hours of electricity every year. Thames Water, who are undertaking the project, expect to complete the works by the end of March.