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Councils to Pilot New Brownfield Registers

March 14, 2016

New brownfield registers will be piloted in 73 local authorities across the country. The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) chose 15 authorities including Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield because it considered them to have large numbers of brownfield sites; the other 58 councils were chosen on a competitive basis.

Registers will provide up to date information on all brownfield sites available for housing locally. A recent technical consultation has suggested that sites contained on the registers would be awarded planning permission in principle for housing schemes. This would offer developers more certainty about consent at an early stage by avoiding tests on key issues such as location, use and quality of development.

Launching the pilot communities, secretary Greg Clark commented; “A key part of our ambition to build one million homes is to get work started on brownfield sites across the country, many of which are currently nothing more than blight on a community’s landscape. These councils will be at the forefront of these efforts to list land and encourage builders to deliver new homes for aspiring homeowners.”

Each authority taking part in the scheme will be awarded £10,000 funding to help draw up their brownfield registers. Should the pilot schemes prove successful, it’s expected that brownfield registers will be rolled out to the rest of the country in the Housing and Planning Bill. The government has pledged to build one million homes by 2020 and to ensure planning permission on 90% of suitable brownfield sites.

You can view the full list of councils included in the pilot HERE.