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Welsh Public Health Bill Goes Before The Assembly

March 16, 2016
Public Health

The Public Health (Wales) Bill is set to go before the Welsh Assembly today. The bill will introduce restrictions on the use of e-cigarettes, create a compulsory licensing scheme for tattooists and body piercing while prohibiting the intimate piercing of children under 16. Local authorities will also be required to provide suitable and sufficient public toilets. Amongst all the measures though, it is the ban on the use of e-cigarettes in some public places that is seen as the most controversial.

Health Minister, Mark Drakeford however is fully behind the move, which he sees as building on previous smoking legislation. “The ban on smoking in public places, which has reduced exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke in enclosed public places, was one of the most important contributions to the health of people in Wales made during the lifetime of the National Assembly,” he said. “We have already used our legislative powers to restrict smoking in cars when children are present. Measures like these are helping us to de-normalise smoking, the Public Health (Wales) Bill builds on this.”

The ban, which is likely to come into force in spring next year, was originally set to include all enclosed public and work places but will now apply to areas where children are likely to be present. If passed, offenders will face a fine of £200 for vaping in a restricted area. Other measures, including those on tattooing and piercing, are expected to be implemented by mid-2018.

You can find full details of the Public Health (Wales) Bill HERE