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Housing and Planning Act Passed by Parliament

May 13, 2016

The Housing and Planning Act has received Royal Ascent after the remaining opposition amendment was withdrawn. Lord Bob Kerslake had tabled an amendment to ensure that councils received sufficient funding to replace affordable homes sold off under the extension of the right to buy scheme to Housing Associations. The motion was passed in the House of Lords but was later rejected by MP’s.

Housing Minister Brandon Lewis, said of the proposed amendment that it would, “impact on our ability to work with local authorities to deliver the best, most cost-effective deals for replacement housing. This could reduce the funding for our manifesto commitment to deliver Right to Buy discounts for housing association tenants, which is our clear manifesto mandate from the general election.”

Shadow Housing Minister Teresa Pearce, was less convinced saying; “If the Government do not accept this like-for-like replacement they need to explain why or it will be clear that it is no more than another raid on local authorities’ finances putting greater pressure on already pressed local services.”

MP’s also rejected the Lords proposal to introduce a carbon compliance standard for new homes opting to add a new clause requiring a review of minimum energy performance. The Act also includes a requirement for 20% of new homes built to be starter homes and the introduction of a ‘pay to stay’ levy on council tenants earning above certain thresholds.

You can read more about the Housing and Planning Act 2016 HERE.