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Coastal Flooding May Affect 1 Billion by 2060

May 18, 2016
Environmental Protection

According to a new report released by anti-poverty group Christian Aid, coastal flooding is likely to affect more than a billion people worldwide by 2060. Climate change leading to extreme weather and storm surges is identified as one of the main causal factors.

The United States and Asia are likely to be hardest hit with the Indian cities of Kolkata and Mumbai along with the Bangladeshi city of Dhaka predicted to have the largest populations exposed to coastal flooding.

Dr Alison Doig, the studies main author, told the BBC World Service; “I think it’s cities like Kolkata, Dakar, the big mega-cities of the south and the emerging economies where the people are most vulnerable to exposure to sea-level rises and to higher rain events. Flooding in these cities can cause massive damage, but can also threaten life,” she said. “The whole of Florida is totally vulnerable, it is so low-lying, it is virtually swampland reclaimed.” London is labelled a ‘vulnerable city’ in the report which cites the risk from tidal and surface flooding as a result of rain pressure on the city’s drainage system.

The authors are calling on the international community to reduce carbon emissions to limit global temperature increases. They also say that a community led response to develop skills and preparation measures should be adopted along with a $1billion investment to provide infrastructure improvements in the most vulnerable areas.

You can download a full copy of the report HERE.