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FSA Looks to Combat Frozen Food Confusion

July 6, 2016

Research by The Food Standards Agency has found that 68% of people questioned in a recent survey have thrown food away in the past month. The news comes at a time when consumers in the UK waste 7 tons of food and drink every year. Based on the views of 1,500 adults, the FSA study identified a number of myths surrounding frozen foods which may have led to the increase in food waste in recent years.

Of those who took part, 43% thought that food could only be frozen on the day of purchase, while 38% believed it was unsafe to refreeze meat once it had been cooked. FSA director of policy Steve Wearne hopes that busting the freezing myths will cut down the amount of food that’s wasted.

“Our research shows that many of the fears the public has about freezing food are unfounded and we need to ensure they know the facts. 31% of the people we spoke to said that more information about how to safely freeze food would help them to reduce their food waste – that’s why freezing is the focus of this year’s Food Safety Week,” he said. “The freezer is like a pause button, so you can freeze foods right up to the ‘use by’ date. While food is kept safe in the freezer, it’s the quality that deteriorates over time, so we recommend eating it within three to six months and checking for any freezing instructions on the packaging.”

The FSA has announced it will be working with DEFRA and WRAP to consider whether guidance on date marking of food should be expanded to cover food storage and freezing advice for consumers.

You can view the full Food Waste Survey here.