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New Climate Change Report Calls for Urgent Action

July 13, 2016
Environmental Protection

A new report by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) says that urgent action is needed to protect the UK from flooding, heat-waves, water and food shortages which will occur as the earth continues to warm. The Climate Change Risk Assessment predicts that periods of heavy rain will produce a 20% increase in the amount of water in rivers, while periods of drought will lead to a 30% decrease, even if average warming across the globe is kept to below 2C.

In South East England, it is estimated that the number of heat related deaths is likely to increase to over 1,000 every year. Leading scientist Lord Krebs, who chairs the CCC adaptation subcommittee, believes that action is needed now to deal with the future impacts of global warming.

“Even when the full impacts of climate change will not be felt for several decades, it may be a matter of urgency to act now, because of the long-term consequences of today’s decisions.,” he told The Independent. “The six immediate priority areas are related to risks of flooding and coastal change, the impact of high temperatures in the built environment, risks to natural capital, risks of future water shortages, impacts on the global food system, and risks arising from new and emerging pests and diseases.”

The new assessment to the risks posed to the UK also warned that heat waves like the one that killed an estimated 70,000 people across Europe in 2003 could become common events in the next 30 years.

You can download a full copy of The UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017 HERE.