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Climate Change Records Sent Tumbling in 2015

August 3, 2016
Environmental Protection

A new report released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has confirmed that the earth passed “several symbolic milestones” during 2015. Containing the work of scientists from 62 countries, the document which was first produced in 1996, looks at 50 different aspects of global climate.

Last year was the warmest on record with the world now a full 1oc warmer than it was in pre industrial times. It’s already accepted that 2016 will break the annual record again thanks partially to one of the strongest El Niño events in half a century, which has amplified the effects of climate change.

Last month, a temperature of 54oc was recorded in Mitribah in Kuwait. Twelve countries, including China and Russia, experienced their hottest years on record in 2015 while global sea levels rose to 70mm above the average first recorded in 1993. Ocean temperatures were also at an all-time high with the eastern Pacific measuring 2oc warmer than the long term average while in August last year, the Arctic Ocean reached 8oc higher than average.

High temperatures in the Arctic also led to the lowest maximum sea ice extent since satellite records began 37 years ago. There were 101 tropical cyclones during the year, a significant increase over the 1981-2010 average of 82. “The impacts of climate change are no longer subtle,” Michael Mann, a leading climatologist at Penn State, told the Guardian. “They are playing out before us, in real time. The 2015 numbers drive that home.”

You can view a full copy of The State of the Climate 2015 report HERE.