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We are improving our “What’s New” reports

November 30, 2016

We are improving how we report our editorial reviews and the changes we make on RIAMS. Every month we review 100’s of documents as part of our commitment to keep RIAMS up to date. However we realised that you might not be aware of just how much reviewing takes place!

From next month, we will be using the What’s New section to record whenever we make a document change. These changes will be labelled as NEW, UPDATED, REVIEWED. We reckon this will give you a better feel for the status of content on RIAMS.

We will also be reporting about content requests we receive from our users. Every month we receive requests and most result in content being produced on RIAMS. Our commitment to produce new content for no extra fee remains and we have honoured 100’s of requests over the years. We do this because it’s a great way for RIAMS to keep in step with what you need on the front line.

Thank you for your engagement with RIAMS. It has grown into a tremendous resource serving 1,000’s of professionals across the UK. Please get in touch if you have a content request or you have a query about our content reviews at riams@rhenvironmental.co.uk