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Get a great deal with RIAMS Premium

January 20, 2017
RIAMS Development News


RIAMS Premium Membership is a low-cost bundle subscription that provides access to all our services and content, with prices starting from £2,800 per year*. You will also benefit from new Premium features as they become available.

Your RIAMS Premium bundle includes access to all 12 knowledge areas: Administration, Enforcement, Environmental Crime, Environmental Protection, Food and Feed, Health and Safety, Housing, Licensing, Out of Hours, Pest Control, Planning and Public Health.

Stay up to date
Each Knowledge Area provides access to regularly updated Procedures, legal forms, notice templates, letter templates and National Guidance. It also includes public information that can be placed on your council website. 

Subscribers get unlimited storage of their own documents with automated audit functionalities to give you resilience and confidence that all your knowledge is kept up to date. 

RIAMS Connect and CPD Tracker
In addition to the features mentioned above, you will also get access to RIAMS Connect and the CPD tracker. RIAMS Connect is an innovative tool enabling you to link any document stored in RIAMS to back office systems and public facing websites. RIAMS Connect will update the links in real-time every time the document is changed. The CPD tracker will monitor a user’s document access so that you can earn CPD as you work.

If you would like more information on becoming a Premium member or upgrading your subscription to receive these benefits, please contact sales@rheglobal.com.

*RIAMS Premium fees quoted here are based on a 3 year licence term. Subscribers will be asked to renew their licences to benefit from the Premium fee structure.