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February 10, 2017
RIAMS Development News


Updated RIAMS Procedures
Over the past fortnight, we have updated the following content on RIAMS:

Planning Procedures:
Breach of Conditions Notices PP1
Guidance Note: Breach of Conditions PP2
Section 215 Power for Buildings and Neglected Sites PP3

Administration Procedures:
Environmental Information – Handling Information Requests AP6 – updated to reflect new guidance
Guidance Note: Staff Training and Development AP14 – updated details for Regulatory Delivery

Licensing Procedure:
Private Hire Operator’s Licence (outside London) LP35 – updated to take account of the requirements of the Immigration Act 2016.

The following procedures have been reviewed and no changes were required:
Administration Procedures:
Guidance Note: Information Assurance and Protective Marking AP15

Enforcement Procedures:
Service of Notices MP4. Reviewed, no changes required

Environmental Crime:
Waste Carrier and Transfer Note Enforcement ECP6 – Updated to reflect new guidance issued by DEFRA.

Environmental Protection Procedures:
Chemical Spills EPP90

Public Health Procedures:
Removal of Noxious Matter PHP5 – Reviewed; no changes required.
Rubbish Seriously Detrimental to the Amenity of the Neighbourhood PHP6 – Updated with powers from the ASB, Crime and Policing Act 2014
New Content:
New Planning Notice entitled Breach of Condition Notice PN82 has been added for England and Wales.