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RIAMS Communities to Go Live in March

February 17, 2017
RIAMS Development News

In March, we will see our RHE forums relaunched with new functionalities and a new look. The new “Communities” will allow regulatory professionals to discuss topics in a fully moderated environment where only approved users can join. This will be a mix of local and central government users as well as professionals from the sector. Users on our forums will be able to use Communities from Day 1 and there will be a tour of the website available to walk users through the new features.

With the launch of RIAMS Communities, there will also be the option to create Private Communities for members of Steering Groups, Quality Control Panels, Liaison Groups and any other professionals. This will provide a secure place to discuss, share documents and keep other group members up to date without the burden of email chains. The Private Communities area of RIAMS is currently being trialled in Northern Ireland with the assistance of the FSA to allow liaison groups to have a secure online place to discuss policies, documents and meetings.

Some of the other major upgrades include the site being mobile responsive, helping with being able to have discussions whilst working off-site and our new “Follow” button allowing you to get updates for discussions that you find interesting to your email.