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March 3, 2017
RIAMS Development News

On 21 February 2017, Jonathan Williams, Sales and Systems Support and Ian Marriner, Chief Editor presented a RIAMS user group in Hinckley and Bosworth.

Speaking of how the day went, Ian Marriner reported that the event was well received by the attendees, with lots of discussion surrounding the use of RIAMS within local authorities. For councils involved, this has become an integral part of their processes.

The presenters spoke with members of Decent and Safe Homes Services (DASH Services) about a variety of housing topics. DASH Services are an organisation based in the Midlands; they liaise with over 40 local authorities, landlords, property owners and tenants in order to improve housing standards across their service area. Their particular focus is on the private rented sector and provide housing advice, information and guidance.

After the event, attendees were also interested in The Noise App and Whitedocs. The Noise App was recently listed as one of the top 7 Government apps in an article by The Guardian and while Whitedocs is still under development at the moment, we hope this will become a great tool for local authorities to optimise transactions with business by bringing communication and documentation together in a single, audited workspace online.

Attendees also expressed their interest in online training services, which is something we are looking into. If you would like to arrange RIAMS training or a RIAMS user group in your area, please get in touch with kwright@rheglobal.com.