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March 28, 2017
RIAMS Development News

Create Private Groups with RIAMS Communities
The new RIAMS Communities service offers a new secure Private Groups service. Users can now create secure Private Groups to facilitate Steering Groups, Quality Control Panels, Liaison Groups, Regional Working Groups and many other collaborative groupings. Private Groups will provide a secure place to discuss, share documents and keep other group members up to date without the burden of email chains. This feature is being piloted by the FSA in Northern Ireland and is being released in the coming weeks, please contact Jon or Kalia in our Sales and Support team to find out more.

The RIAMS Communities launch on 1 March has been a great success. Our regular forums are more busy than ever providing a secure free service for .gov.uk (and vetted others) users to share and discuss enforcement matters.

Food Professionals Summary
In our most recent blog we focused on the recent changes in the Food Hygiene Rating System (FHRS). “The Food Standards Agency have announced that following a successful trial, they have changed their policy to allow local authorities in England to charge a fee for requested Food Hygiene Rating Scheme revisits.” To read the full blog and to contribute in the discussion, click here.

Housing Professionals Summary
Steve’s most recent blog focused on the 2015-2016 housing survey and a commentary on a Shelter report examining how we can build more homes. To read Steve’s full blog post, click here.

Property Tribunal Digests
One of our most recent property digests reveals how failure to comply with Directions from the Tribunal can lead to dismissal of the application. The case concerned an appeal of an Improvement notice issued by Northampton Borough Council. In case involving Salford City Council Steve summarises the position with regard to criminal and civil proceedings when tackling a breach of licensing conditions. A breach of a selective licence condition is an offence (with a criminal burden of proof), whereas revocation of the licence is an alternative course of action where a civil burden of proof applies. To read these digests and others, click here.
Communities Open Forums are Free!
To join any of our forums and join in the discussion with your colleagues, click here.