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RIAMS User Groups Summary

March 31, 2017
RIAMS Development News

Over the past 5 months, RHE has hosted 5 RIAMS user groups across the UK which were attended by delegates from 29 local authorities.

Some of the key highlights from the User Groups were:

New RIAMS Statutory Notice Template; this is now being rolled out across RIAMS

RIAMS Connect demonstrations and how this functionality can be utilised for channel shift and back office links. At the user group held in Wales, there was lots of discussion on how RIAMS Connect can be used with back office systems.

Welsh language translations; in line with the Welsh language requirements, we are providing Welsh translations of all our Public Information documents.

Trading Standards content on RIAMS. At a number of the user groups, the Trading Standards knowledge area development was discussed. We are currently recruiting authors and will be attending the Trading Standards Institute Conference in Harrogate in June in order to network and showcase RIAMS to the Trading Standards community. If you think you could help with developing the trading standards knowledge area or would like more information on what this would involve, please contact our Chief Editor, Ian Marriner on imarriner@rheglobal.com.

eLearning, online training was also mentioned by a number of attendees and eLearning is under consideration. We don’t have any further comments to make on this at this moment in time, but we will, of course, keep you up to date with any developments and future plans to provide this service.

The next round of user groups will be arranged for later this year; if you are interested in attending one or would like to arrange one in your area, please contact Kalia Wright on kwright@rheglobal.com or 01239 711793.