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Welsh Public Information Documents Now Available on RIAMS

May 11, 2017
RIAMS Development News

In our May Newsletter for Wales, we mentioned that we were in the process of making Public Information documents available in Welsh. We are pleased to announce that the first 15 of these documents have now been translated and are available for use. Now that these documents are available bilingually, local authorities in Wales can share them to their council websites using RIAMS Connect.

We identified the Public Information documents as being the first documents to get translated as a result of discussions at the RIAMS User Group we held in Llandrindod Wells in March. If you would like to find out more about our translation priorities or need any assistance using RIAMS Connect, please get in touch with us at support@rheglobal.com.

You will be able to find the Welsh Public Information documents in the following folders:
Administration / Documents / Information / Public Information
AS4C Gwynbodaeth Amgylcheddol a Chosfrestrau Cyhoeddus: Gwynbodaeth Gyhoeddus (Environmental Information and Public Registers Public Information)

Enforcement / Documents / Simple Cautions
MS12C Canlyniadau Derbyn Rhybudd Syml (Consequences of Accepting a Simple Caution)

Enforcement / Documents / Evidence and Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE)
MS44C PACE: Esbonio Rhybudd a Gweithdrefn Recordio Sain (PACE: Caution Explanation and Audio Recording Procedure)

Enforcement / Documents / Compulsory Purchase Orders / Public Information
MS72C Canllaw CPO i Werthu’ch Cartref i Berchnogion Cartrefi (CPO Guide to Selling Your Home for Home-owners)
MS73C Canllaw CPO i Werthu’ch Eiddo i Landlordiaid (CPO Guide to Selling Your Property for Landlords)
MS74C Canllaw CPO y Tenantiaid i lawndal am Symud Cartref (CPO Tenants Guide to Compensation for Moving Home)

Environmental Protection / Documents / Noise / Public Information
EPS33C Canllaw Osgoi Niwsans Sŵn (Avoiding Noise Nuisance Guidance)
EPS75C Cyngor ar Sŵn o Weithgareddau ‘Gwneud eich Gwaith Eich Hun (DIY)’ ac Adeiladu (Advice on Noise from ‘Do-it-Yourself’ and Building Activities)
EPS81C Cyngor ar Leihau Sŵn Dyfeisiau Domestig (Advice on Reducing Noise from Domestic Appliances)
EPS84C Cyngor ar Leihau Sŵn Peiriannau Gwnïo (Advice on Reducing Noise from Sewing Machines)
EPS85C Cyngor ar Leihau Sŵn Stereos, Radios a Theledu (Advice on Reducing Noise from Stereos, Radios and Television)
EPS89C Protocol Recordio Niwsans Sŵn yn Ddigidol (Noise Nuisance Digital Recording Protocol)
EPS285C Canllaw i’r Daflen Dyddiadur Niwsans Sŵn (Noise Nuisance Diary Sheet Guide)

Environmental Protection / Documents / Odour / Public Information
EPS71C Canllawiau ar Systemau Awyru trwy Echdynnu yn y Gegin Graddfa Fach – Rheoli Sŵn ac Arogleuon (Guidance on Small-Scale Kitchen Extract Ventilation Systems – Noise and Odour Control)

Environmental Protection / Documents / Noise / Residential / Public Information
EPS82C Cyngor ar Leihau Sŵn Parti (Advice on Reducing Noise from a Party)