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Noise Action Week at RHE

May 22, 2017
Public Health

Between 22 – 27 May, Environmental Protection UK are promoting Noise Action Week, designed to raise greater awareness of noise nuisance issues in the UK. The purpose of coordinating this week is to raise awareness of not only the problem of noise issues but also the solutions available to assist in reporting noise issues and anti-social behaviour to your local authority or housing authority.

Over the past years, noise has become an increasing issue to residents. In a report published by Defra in 2012 entitled ‘National Noise Attitude Survey 2012’, noise has moved from ninth place in 2000 to fourth place in 2012 in a list of 12 environmental health issues. Further, their report showed that there has been an increase of 5% to 17% in total of those who feel they are adversely affected by the four most common sources of noise, to some extent. The four main sources of noise are: ‘road traffic noise’, neighbour noise, ‘aircraft, airports and airfield noise’ and noise from construction and building work.

The Noise App has proven effective in reporting noise complaint issues for our 110 subscribers. So far, there have been 27,000 downloads and 12,464 reports submitted to local authorities and housing providers. To find out how The Noise App could help you reduce noise nuisance issues in your area, arrange a free 4-week trial and follow the link here.