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Have You Seen Our New RIAMS Notifications Email Format?

June 12, 2017
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From the week commencing 29 May, you may have noticed that our RIAMS notification emails look a little different. The new format gives you, what we hope, is all the information you need to decide whether you need to log into RIAMS and check out the changes.

Our new emails include such information as the folder the document is in on RIAMS, the document title, who uploaded the new content (whether this be the RIAMS Editorial Team or one of your senior users) and notification comments. We introduced notification comments in order to provide more information to our clients on what has been amended in the document. For example, if new legislation has been introduced, we will include comments on what was removed or inserted into the document or procedure.

In order to receive these emails from RIAMS, you must have set up your notifications. To set your RIAMS notifications, log in to RIAMS and click on ‘My Notifications’ in the right hand menu. From this page, you are able to set the frequency of your notifications to daily or weekly and select which topics you would like to be notified on. We highly recommend that you have Administration and Enforcement areas switched on as these knowledge areas contain overlapping material that apply to numerous service areas. Once you have made your selections, simply click save and you will begin receiving notifications.

If you would like any assistance setting your notifications or have any comments on our new notification email, please do get in touch with us on riams@rheglobal.com.