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Announcing our new RIAMS Communities

July 26, 2017
RIAMS Development News

Since RIAMS Communities was released, we have seen a 20% increase in the number of users and Community activity has increased significantly. However, we realised that some key areas were missing! We are pleased to announce two new and free RIAMS Communities.

Public Health Act Funerals
Julie Dunk, our highly respected Public Health Act Funerals and Burials and Exhumations trainer who has worked in this field for nearly 20 years, will be moderating this Community. Throughout her years delivering these training courses, a common theme has emerged and that is “the lack of opportunity for officers to ask questions or share experiences…it is often a ‘forgotten’ service with officers having little recourse to support or guidance”.

From 26 July, Julie will be answering questions, blogging and assisting training course delegates; it is hoped that this Community will become an invaluable resource for officers and Julie is “very much looking forward to answering queries and to sharing experiences to help with this aim”.

Noise Nuisance
Following the launch of The Noise App, we would like to introduce our new Noise Nuisance Community to further support local authority professionals in providing noise services to the public. Ian Marriner, RIAMS Chief Editor and Statutory Nuisance trainer, is the moderator of our new ‘Noise Nuisance’ Community and will be regularly answering questions and posting blogs on policy updates and changes.

Ian said “Statutory nuisance is rarely straight forward and is an area of law that often throws up discussion points and differences of opinion…I am looking forward to contributing my experience and knowledge to the issues that arise and hopefully providing useful guidance for the issues raised.”

Private Communities
Did you know that RIAMS Communities can also be used for internal communications? By subscribing to Private Communities, you can share documents and have secure discussions. Community members can also be kept up to date easily with our email notification system. If you would like to discuss using Private Communities for internal project teams, regional liaison groups or national groups, please get in touch with our dedicated sales team by emailing sales@rheglobal.com or call 01174 033584.

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