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RIAMS Communities Developments

August 17, 2017
RIAMS Development News

Over the past couple of weeks, our development team have been working hard to introduce some changes to RIAMS Communities. These changes include:

  • Users can now filter and sort discussions by tags and date. This can be done from the ‘All Communities’ page or within a Community.
  • When filtering by a tag, if no discussions are found with that tag then a message is displayed warning the user rather than a blank screen. Tags can now be edited or deleted.
  • Tags will be consolidated – if a tag of the same name is used in 2 or more different discussions then the tag will only show once in the filtering feature.
  • The Court of Appeal has been added as a Court type in the Housing Professionals Community.
  • The RIAMS Communities Tour has been updated to take account of the new developments, such as tagging and filtering. You can take the tour from the ‘All Communities’ page.
  • Platform Admins can now assign Moderators to open communities Moderators can also check, edit and delete posts prior to them appearing in the community. Notifications would be sent once the post has been authorised.
  • A new navigation menu has been added to the RIAMS Communities header, allowing users to navigate between RIAMS, RIAMS Communities, HHCC and the My Account page in RIAMS with ease. This same navigation menu will also be implemented into RIAMS in the near future to further improve user experience.

These Communities have been built with you, the user, in mind and we hope you will find these latest developments helpful. Let us know your thoughts on these developments by contacting riams@rheglobal.com.

If you haven’t already done so, check out RIAMS Communities where you will find a variety of topics are extensively covered. From Food to Environmental Protection, Housing to Public Health Act Funerals and Private Water Supplies to Noise Nuisance, there will be something to interest you. Join RIAMS Communities or Sign in now to join the discussion.