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We are Happy to Announce our Third Major Update of the Year!

September 19, 2017
Public Health

We have been tweaking the website with small and major updates and hope everyone finds the changes useful, streamlining noise nuisance investigation through The Noise App, even further.

Download All Button
Officers on The Noise App can now download all recordings from a case compressed down into a zip file. This will make it easier to download in bulk from the website and will not affect the quality of recordings.

Analysis Report
We have now designed an Analysis Report Spreadsheet for officers to be able to export in the previous PDF drop-down menu within a case. This will list the start and end date of submitted reports, along with listing each recording on an individual line so an officer can add their own comments, ready to be presented in court.

Filter Users by Join Date
Users can now be filtered by the date they joined your account, on our Filters page. This will make it easier to identify when a user registered to your account and to approve newer users.

New Email Notification Layout
As many of our subscribers have requested more information on our notification, the email we have implemented some changes. You will now find the user’s name, address, source address and reference code (if entered in the case) on each email notification relating to the case.

Unassigned Filter Now Live
Admin users are now able to sort cases by ones that have not currently been assigned to an officer (unassigned).

Downloaded Audio – Labelling
We have now re-labelled all audio files being downloaded from The Noise App. They will now state the date and time of submission along with our systems Case ID in the file name.
The official layout will be DD-MM-YYYY_HH-MM-SS_CaseID

Sharing Comment
We have added the ability to attach a message to a case being shared with users that do not have a login to your organisation’s account. This allows for more information to be delivered to the third party.

If you have any suggestions for our next update in 2018, please contact us on support@thenoiseapp.com.