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Sponsoring the John Connell Awards 2017

October 24, 2017
Environmental Protection

On 31 October, RHE will be supporting the John Connell Awards hosted by the Noise Abatement Society with our Noise App team in attendance.

Noise became classified as Statutory Nuisance in 1960 as a result of John Connell pushing the Noise Abatement Act through parliament. The John Connell awards were established in 2001 in order to celebrate innovative and practical solutions to noise issues by local authorities and other individuals and organisations.

The award categories include Local Authority, Soundscape, Innovation, Quiet Logistics, Silent Approach, Quiet Mark and Special Commendation.

The Noise App has been categorised as an innovative solution to noise nuisance issues. Used in conjunction with traditional noise monitoring equipment, The Noise App can help housing providers prioritise noise nuisance complaints effectively, ensuring resources are distributed in the best possible way.

To find out more about The Noise App, contact info@thenoiseapp.com or call 01174 033584 to speak to our team.