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Training days are over but the Journey Continues

November 3, 2017

Steve Battersby and John Bryson have presented their final training courses for us here at RHE, but they have left behind a first-class legacy of training programmes for others to pick up, run with, and no doubt continue to evolve over time.

Dr Stephen Battersby MBE
Even though he is no longer delivering our training, life for Steve won’t be much quieter as he will continue to work on the housing forum and the Housing and Health International Research Bulletin on our websites. Beyond RHE, some of his other commitments are Chair of the Committee of Management of the National Code of Standards for larger student developments; he is on the advisory group for the Shelter sponsored project identifying legal gaps following the disaster at Grenfell Tower, is assisting Karen Buck MP with a Private Members’ Bill and is about to do a training webinar for Landlord Law.

And, for those who are so inclined, Steve has a project on the go that you might be interested in joining . . .

Steve is the series editor for a Routledge Monograph Series “Focus on Environmental Health”, detailed written studies on environmental health subjects or an aspect of those subjects that excites the author. Steve is open to suggestions, and if a member of any of the RIAMS Communities (forums) would like to write a small book, he is happy to guide you through the process and help with a proposal to the publishers.

Thank you, Steve, for working with us for all these years, for your good advice through a variety of media, and your continuing quest for more and better housing. Happy non-retirement!

John Bryson
Training with RHE came to an end for John Bryson in June when he authorised the final certificates of competence in HHSRS to a group he had been teaching in York.

John combined excellence with warmth and approachability – sentiments that were echoed in the feedback delegates on his training courses returned to us on a regular basis. When asked how he intended to spend his retirement he said, after giving a run down what he would be doing, “just chilling really!” It’s just this blend of competence and relaxedness that made John so easy to work with.

John will continue to volunteer in organising events for the CIEH in South Yorkshire, and we were very happy he accepted the invitation to attend our housing conference this year in Birmingham (thanks for your spontaneous assistance on the day John!).

From RHE, our sincere thanks for your steady, reliable contribution to our joint responsibilities over several years.

The training team wish you and Steve an especially fond farewell. (PS This doesn’t preclude the occasional guest appearances should you be willing!)