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How to Create Folders and Upload Documents

November 20, 2017
Training and Development

The fourth ‘How to’ in this series covers another aspect of senior user functionality for creating folders and uploading documents. This feature helps with councils that have officers with the need to access info on the go or for colleagues that work from home.

Senior users can create local folders anywhere on RIAMS where this symbol:   is displayed. Local folders will only be visible to the users on the same account.

When you wish to create a folder, click the symbol and input the folder title and other details. Once you have entered the relevant information, click ‘Save’.

To archive a folder, click the delete button adjacent to the folder title. When archiving folders, do be aware that all content within that folder will also be archived so we recommend you move any documents you wish to keep live on the system prior to archiving the folder. This will save having to go into the archives and retrieve the content.

Senior users can also upload documents and links to RIAMS. These documents will only be visible to the users on the same account. To upload documents, click ‘Add Document(s)’; you can then either drag and drop numerous documents from their file location on your device, or you can use the ‘browse’ option which works the same way as selecting an attachment to an email, for example.

Enter the document details in the relevant fields. Do take note of the ‘Review Date’; this is automatically set to a year from the date you are uploading your document, but you may wish to amend this. This will trigger an email to Senior Users when the review date is reached to prompt you to check that the document is still relevant.

You can also share your document with other organisations. Simply choose which ones under the ‘Sharing’ option. If you do not wish to share your document with other organisations, simply leave this field alone. If you would like to share information with closed groups then you can set up Private Communities for this, contact sales@rheglobal.com for more info.

You can let other users on your account know that this document has been uploaded by selecting ‘Daily/Weekly Digest’ under ‘Notification’. This document will then be included in the daily or weekly email from RIAMS covered content changes. We discussed setting notifications in the first ‘How to’ of this series, please see the link below if you missed it.

If you are uploading multiple documents, you can opt for the same information to be applied to all documents or you can follow the steps above for each document.

Once you are finished editing the details, simply click ‘Save’.

To upload a link to RIAMS, click the ‘Add Link(s)’ button. You can upload one link at a time on RIAMS. Similar to uploading documents, enter the relevant information and paste the URL into the URL field. Once again, you have the option to notify other users and to share with other organisations.

Once you are finished, click ‘Save’.

If you have any queries as a result of this item or would like to suggest a specific topic to be covered in this series, please get in touch with us at 01239 711793 or email riams@rheglobal.com.

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