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How to set Review Date Notifications

November 28, 2017
Training and Development

As briefly mentioned in the last ‘How to’ item on creating folders and adding documents, you can set ‘Review dates’ for local documents.

Review dates are a fantastic way for account administrators to keep on top of any local content that may have been uploaded to RIAMS. Regardless of who uploaded the content, all senior users who have this notification type set up will receive review date notifications. This means that any content updates and checks do not fall to one person, meaning they are less likely to be forgotten.

Once the review date comes around, RIAMS will generate an email alerting you to such. When checking content, ensure it is still relevant, both legally and for your organisation, and set a new review date for next time. You can choose to alert other users that this document has been updated by using the ‘Notification’ option we discussed in ‘How to Create Folders and Upload Documents’.

To set up this notification, click on ‘My Notifications’ in the right-hand menu. Senior users will have the option to receive ‘Review date Notifications’. Don’t forget to also click ‘Save’ once you have made any changes.

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