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How to Create Collections

December 4, 2017
Training and Development

In this ‘How to’, another aspect of Senior user functionality will be discussed; that of creating collections.

Collections are groups of documents that may be spread across a few different places on RIAMS, stored in one place. They can be used as a way of creating tasks for users or to collect documents and procedures together for group projects. Collections are visible to all users on your account but can only be created and amended by senior users.

On the right-hand side of the page, under your organisation name, you will notice ‘Our Collections’. You can have as many Collections as you like and they will all be listed on this page in alphabetical order.

To create a new collection, click ‘Create new collection’; simply input the name of your collection and click ‘Save’.

To add documents to this collection, search one of the documents you wish to include. Click the blue drop-down arrow next to the document title, click ‘Manage collections’ and select the Collection you wish the document to be added into. Repeat this process until your collection is complete.

To remove a document from a collection, click ‘Manage Collections’ under the drop-down menu, and untick the document you wish you remove from the collection and click ‘Save’.

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