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How Does RIAMS Single Sign-on Work?

December 11, 2017
Training and Development

In the final ‘How to’ item, we discuss the RIAMS single sign on.

RIAMS has a number of associated services where you are able to use the same login details, including RIAMS, RIAMS Communities and Housing Health Cost Calculator (HHCC). Please be aware that RIAMS and the HHCC are separate products; some aspects of the HHCC are available free of charge but for full access, separate licences are required.

If your organisation’s internet security allows you, why not save your login details to your browser? This ensures quick and easy access to any of these resources.

If you have any queries as a result of this item or would like to suggest a specific topic to be covered in this series, please get in touch with us at 01239 711793 or email riams@rheglobal.com.

If you have enjoyed this ‘how to’ series but would like to go into more detail about the functionality available to you, why not contact our team to ask about RIAMS training? More information on view only and senior user training can be found on our website.

RIAMS training has been found to increase user confidence in and the long-term use of RIAMS. You can also be confident that you get true value for money and effective integration.

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