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2017 – A Year in Brief

January 4, 2018
Latest News

Over the past year, there have been many developments across RHE, both in terms of the services we provide and the resources available. RHE is growing rapidly and gaining recognition for creating innovative products and services for the UK public and private sectors. In October, founder and Managing Director, Robert Halford, was one of the finalists under the Businessman of the Year category at the first Welsh SME Business Awards in Cardiff.

Since the start of the year, RIAMS has been visited nearly 50,000 times and there have been over 370,000 pages visited. The site has also been used by the Food Standards Agency in Wales and Northern Ireland for communicating food alerts and other messages through a Smarter Communications system.

RIAMS Communities
On 1 March, we launched our rebranded RHE forums as RIAMS Communities. Our forums are now accessible for .gov.uk users only, ensuring a secure environment to discuss your enforcement questions. We have welcomed over 3,300 users since the launch and with a wide, and growing, range of forums available to join, there is something for everyone. Find out more about RIAMS Communities here.

Private Communities is a new feature on RIAMS Communities; this paid-for service allows you to create your own private forums for collaborative working and document sharing online. Premium members have this functionality included as part of your subscription package. If you would like to set up your own Private Communities or find out more about this, please contact sales@rheglobal.com.

Welsh Documents on RIAMS
A greater emphasis has been put on ensuring councils in Wales can fulfil their Welsh language requirements through RIAMS. So far, over half of our public information documents have been translated into Welsh with more coming soon. To get the latest, keep an eye on ‘What’s New’ on the RIAMS homepage; we also include this information in our newsletter and we will release a news item announcing when all public information documents have been translated.

RHE Training
Throughout 2017, the RHE Training team have been working hard to provide a greater variety of training opportunities. Training has been delivered to over 1,000 people up and down the UK and in addition, four new courses have been added to the programme: Practical use of Community Protection Notices; Practical Drainage Investigation; An Introduction to Local Authority Pollution Control and Integrated Pollution Control and HMOs Today and Tomorrow – How the Sector is Changing.

The Noise App
Throughout 2017, The Noise App has undergone three major updates. Some of the new features include:

  • Download All Button
  • Analysis Reports
  • Filter Users by Join Date
  • New Email Notification Layouts
  • Unassigned Filter
  • Downloaded Audio – Labelling
  • Sharing Comments

The Noise App team also ran several successful user groups throughout the year in Swansea, Norwich and London. The next user group is being arranged for May (date and venue TBC). We are looking for hosts in London, Cardiff, Liverpool, The Midlands and in North Wales. If you can offer a venue for one of these events, please contact info@thenoiseapp.com.

Things to look forward to for 2018
2017 was a busy year for RHE and 2018 is set to be busier still!

FSA Smarter Communications
In February, RHE will begin delivering the Smarter Communications project to all local authorities on the newly developed FSA platform. We have already been delivering all FSA notifications through RIAMS since 2016 in Wales and early 2017 in Northern Ireland. We will be releasing more information on this shortly.

RIAMS Redesign
Later this year, we will be launching a new and improved version of RIAMS. RIAMS Libraries, as this will be known, will have a new logo and has been designed with you, the user, in mind. Key developments include consolidating ‘My Account’ into its own menu and new streamlined navigation tools will ease the process of switching between Libraries, Communities, FSA Smarter Communications, HHCC and other RIAMS products.

The ASB App
Following the success of The Noise App, we will be releasing a new app in 2018 for reporting anti-social behaviour to local authorities and social landlords. The app, which includes picture based reporting with vital GPS and time and date information, will assist in the effective prioritisation of cases and provide investigators with more information to resolve the case promptly. The app has been designed in liaison with local authorities, ASB departments in housing associations and with information from Resolve ASB. To register your interest in the new app go to www.theasbapp.com.

Continuing Document Translation
The RIAMS Editorial team will be continuing their work to provide a greater variety of Welsh documents on RIAMS. This work has been prioritised according to the feedback received in the RIAMS Product Survey 2017. Thank you to all those who contributed to this.

Thank you for your custom throughout 2017 and we look forward to providing an even better service in 2018.