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Pollution Control training from Tim Glews

March 5, 2018
Training and Development

Colleagues in reach of Somerset may be interested in attending an introductory course on local authority pollution control and integrated pollution control at Mendip District Council on Thursday, 15 March. The training will be presented by Tim Glews, a person who’s hands-on experience in an LA, on advisory panels, as a listed expert and as a tutor, run concurrently – much to the benefit of those who attend his courses. It’s hard to imagine how a more integrated understanding of the subject can be achieved.

If you might be interested in learning from Tim’s vast experience, carefully curated to cater for beginners +, please take a look at the course overview here where you will also find a booking form. There is a 10% discount for 2 or more people booking on the same form and 2 weeks free access to RIAMS following the training for you to gain further reference and support.

Words by Jane Greenslade