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CIEH 10th Annual Housing and Health Conference

May 2, 2018
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On 9 May, Jonathan Williams will be attending the CIEH 10th Annual Housing and Health Conference in London.

At this event, Jon will be exhibiting RIAMS, The Noise App and our new ASB App. The RIAMS platform is used by over 100 local authorities to access up to date procedures, notice templates and documents for all areas of Housing and Enforcement.

Noise nuisance issues and anti-social behaviour can adversely affect well-being and health due to the increased stress levels these can produce. Why not speak to our team and see how these online services can help you and your residents?

Additionally, did you know that Stephen Battersby writes regular housing digests and blogs for our Housing Professionals Forum? Anyone with a local authority email address can access RIAMS Communities free; log in or create an account.