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The Noise App Case Study: Improving customer service, prioritising our efforts and working with our partners

May 3, 2018
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Earlier this month, we spoke with Darren Walters, Environmental Protection Team Manager at Newcastle-under-Lyme, about The Noise App and he gave us the following information on how this easy to use app has helped improve customer service, prioritise efforts and work more closely and effectively with partners, including social services.

Newcastle-under-Lyme covers an area of 211km2 and has a population of approximately 129,000.

We have pulled out some key points below but we invite you to read the full Case Study here.

One of the key desires behind Newcastle-under-Lymes decision to subscribe to The Noise App was to improve customer service. “Shrinking resources and a recruitment freeze were adding further pressures to a service already stretched by the challenge of responding to nearly a thousand complaints each year.”

“There is no doubt that implementing the Noise App had delivered significant benefits”. These benefits include an easy and quick alternative to traditional noise-monitoring equipment, reduced demand on that equipment allowing for a more targeted approach and improved public engagement. “The Noise App has helped us to prioritise complaints, to target our actions toward the most severe issues and to make informed decisions about the need for site visits or other action”.

Newcastle-under-Lyme have successfully used data gathered through the App to assist in mediation between complainants and as evidence in court. You can find out more about Newcastle-under-Lymes successful prosecutions via the links below:

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Finally, The Noise App has also helped with multi-organisational working; “two or more agencies to examine the same issue…We have worked successfully with Housing Associations in relation to tenancy issues and with Social Services/Mental Health Services. In one case, evidence gained through The Noise App informed the redesign of a package of care for a social services client.”

Read the full Case Study here.