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How to Build a Case

May 29, 2018
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In this week’s ‘How To’, we will cover how you can build your case to ensure your investigating officer has all the information needed to resolve the noise nuisance you are experiencing.

Once you have downloaded the app from your phones official app store and entered your information, you will be presented with the Noise Diary Screen. This is where your cases will be individually listed, in order of the most recent activity.

New Case
For your first case, you will be asked to enter information such as the source of the noise, duration and how you feel it has affected you (as well as the all-important noise recording!). It will also ask you to add the address of where you believe the noise to be coming from.

Existing Case
When building a current case, you will simply need to click on the case (on the Noise Diary Screen), and hit the ‘Add Recording’ button at the bottom. You do not need to create a new case to add recordings to an existing one so make sure to click into an existing address instead of clicking “New Address”. The app will not ask you to enter the address to existing cases, you will only be asked to provide this information when you are creating a new case.

Further Assistance
Watch an Introduction to The Noise App here.
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