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How to Use In-App Messaging

June 4, 2018
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This week we discuss ‘in-app’ messaging and how you can keep your investigating officer up to date with new developments in your case. To do this, choose your case from the Noise Diary screen and you will see an option at the top of the screen titled ‘Activity’.

The activity log records all of the events that happen in the case, whether this is an update from the user or actions taken by the investigating officer. As an app user, when you submit your recordings, you are given the option to add a comment of how the noise is affecting you. This information, as well as direct messages, will be added to the activity log so that you can communicate with your officer with ease.

Direct messages from a user will have an orange dot next to it, whereas those from an officer will have a blue dot. If the housing association or local authority has uploaded their logo to their account, this will appear next to the messages sent from their officers to the app users. This will confirm to the user that it is their service provider contacting them and not a member of The Noise App technical support team.

App users will receive email notifications and can also switch on push notifications so that when they receive a message from their officer or when there has been a change to the status of the case, they will be notified. This is to reassure the user when there is an update and means they do not need to be checking the activity log regularly. A recent new feature on the app is an orange circle next to a case to display when there is a new message. This notification can be seen on the Noise Diary screen next to the case where the new message has been sent to.

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