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Reviewing the CTSI Symposium 2018

June 13, 2018
Trading Standards

At the CTSI Symposium 2018, Nigel Strick, Cornwall Council’s Fair Trading Team Manager, had the pleasure of introducing the Sustainable Regulatory Solutions (SRS) framework during one of the two plenary sessions: The Value of Trading Standards.

SRS Trading Standards packages will be available on SRS through RIAMS soon, to add to the existing Core framework, Safer Food Direct and Licensing Direct packages.

Nigel’s presentation was well received and sparked lots of interest from local authorities across the country. SRS has also been included in the Trading Standards Best Practice Guide for reference.

Nigel, his colleagues, and the RIAMS team would be delighted to talk further with anyone interested in how Cornwall’s experience can help their local authority introduce a Sustainable Regulatory Solution.

Please get in touch with riams@rheglobal.com or call 01239 711793.